Pinot Gris Grand Cru Marckrain

Appellation Alsace Grand Cru


Vineyard : South of the village of Bennwihr, the Marckrain rises over the famous wine route to a height of 200 to 250 m. Its 53.35 ha enjoy a very favorable east to south-east exposure and the well-known microclimate specific to the region of Colmar. Its soil is of limestone-marl type with a predominance of Oolithic limestone pebbles with interlayered marls.

Wine : With great aromatic complexity, this white wine develops distinctive smoky notes : aromas of forest floor, burnt vine shoots, mushrooms, moss, dried fruits, apricot... Given its inherent discretion, this Pinot Gris benefits from decanting a few moments before being served, in order for its complexity to be fully appreciated. This is a noble wine that offers great substance, an admirable, lively roundness that tends toward a slightly sweet opulence, but always underpinned by delightful freshness.

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Pinot Gris Grand Cru Marckrain